10 barriers to happy client relationships

10 barriers to happy client relationships
10 barriers to happy client relationships

Strong client relationships form part of the backbone of any successful firm.

In order to maintain healthy and happy relationships with your clients, be sure to avoid the following ten traps that will tarnish your firm’s image.

1. Assuming everything is ‘fine’: take the time to speak to your clients and really gauge how satisfied they are.
2. Not listening: when a client feels they aren’t being listened to, chances are you will lose their business.
3. Over-rotating staff: clients like familiarity and dealing with a person, not a firm.
4. Increased fees: particularly with no explanation. Tell them why prices have risen.
5. Taking clients for granted: even though some clients may be worth more than others, they should never feel like this.
6. Poor responsiveness: clients don’t want to be left in the dark or waiting.
7. Unresolved issues: don’t ignore issues. Solve them efficiently and in a timely fashion.
8. Unclear expectations: clearly express what they can expect from you.
9. Continued mistakes: mistakes happen, but they don’t keep reoccurring in a professional setting.
10. Defensiveness: being defensive puts a barrier between you and the client. Work to resolve issues rather than finger point and defend.

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