Monthly Archive: October 2018


Hiring a marketing director

Marketing is an essential business function that needs to permeate all aspects of an accounting firm. It is a process: a series of steps and activities, a journey rather than a destination. An increasing number of firms are hiring a marketing director and recognising the need to commit to and...

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Creating a marketing culture

It is not enough for just one or two partners to have a marketing mentality while the remainder of a firm remains lukewarm about marketing. The commitment to marketing must be firm-wide. This means creating a marketing culture throughout the organisation. Below are seven elements to creating a dynamic marketing...


Ten key points to focused marketing

Simply put, marketing accounting services consists of four steps: Informing as many people as possible of your existence Leading them to develop an interest in your services Persuading them to meet with you Move from client enquiry to client engagement Here is a simple ten-point strategy for achieving these objectives:...