Eight times to thank your client

Eight times to thank your client
Eight times to thank your client

Clients are a valuable source of feedback. Whether they are complimenting or criticising your firm, take it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Clients like to be appreciated, and even if their feedback is negative in nature, it is good practice to thank them for their suggestions. Here are eight times to thank your client:

Every time they do business with you. Don’t take your clients for granted.
When they compliment you or the firm. Do not explain it away with false modesty that belittles your accomplishments. Instead say, ‘Thank you. I am glad I could help,’ or something similarly appropriate.
When they offer comments or suggestions. Thanking people for opinions says: ‘I have heard what you said, and I value your opinion.’
When they refer you to someone. When you get a referral, get the name, telephone number and other details; then ask: ‘Who else do you have for me?’
When they are patient. Thanking your clients for your patience says you noticed they had to wait and you value their time.
When they help you to serve them better. Some clients are always prepared.
When they complain to you. Thank them for complaining? Absolutely! Clients who tell you they’re unhappy are giving you a second chance.
When they pay your fees.

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