Email marketing no-no’s

Email marketing can be an effective marketing tool, but only when implemented effectively. Ensure to avoid the following to strengthen your email marketing strategy:


Spam is annoying. It fills up people’s inboxes and often creates a sense of annoyance rather than intrigue. If your subscribers are bombarded with email marketing by your firm, chances are they are going to find it to be a nuisance and ask to unsubscribe.

Not mobile compatible

Email marketing needs to be compatible across different devices; such as laptop, desktop, tablet and especially mobile. When a client opens your email, it should look attractive and be easy-to-follow. Anything less than this is unprofessional and may have a negative reception.

No direct call to action

Your email needs to have a purpose; something for the recipient to take from it; an important piece of information, a new product for them to look at, an updated website for them to check out. If there is no succinct call to action, chances are you don’t need to email them. Also, don’t overload your email. Asking a lot of the recipient can become annoying and convoluted. Keep it simple and to the point.

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