How to develop a newsletter marketing strategy

Newsletters are one of the most valuable marketing tools accounting firms and other financial professionals can use to build and maintain genuine relationships with their clients.

Email newsletters are considered to be one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. They have the power to keep an audience engaged, drive traffic to a firm’s website and build a firm’s brand and credibility.

Many people sign-up to e-newsletters to find out more about things they are interested in. With a newsletter, firms can provide them with the information they are searching for and point them in the right direction.

But just like every other marketing tool and product, newsletters must have a strategy if they are to be effective.

Define your goals
Firms need to begin by defining their goals. These goals should be integrated into the firm’s overall content strategy and be very specific i.e. increase prospect numbers by 10 per cent.

Define your audience
Establish who your firm wants to reach out to or stay in touch with. Should you send those people one newsletter or a few? The closer the content comes to meeting a subscriber’s specific interests, the better results the firm will achieve.

Determine the newsletter frequency
While maintaining a regular schedule is important when it comes to sending newsletters, the priority should be on developing relevant and helpful content to share with readers. Sending a newsletter too frequently can make a firm look like a spammer and result in people unsubscribing. For this reason, it may be a good idea to let new subscribers choose the frequency they would like to receive a firm’s newsletters from options like ‘weekly’, ‘monthly’, ‘bi-monthly’ etc.

Develop your contact list
Firms should try to generate awareness of their newsletter. Ways of doing this include having a sign-up form on their website or asking followers to sign up via social media.

Create engaging content
Most busy readers will have a quick browse through of a newsletter before deciding whether it is worth reading. Enhance the likelihood of more people reading your firm’s newsletter by using punchy, eye-catching headlines and short, easily readable stories. Be personable in tone and use subheadings and bullet points to break large bodies of text up into smaller readable chunks of information.

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