How to improve email response rates

How to improve email response rates
How to improve email response rates

Email communication is becoming more and more prevalent in the workforce. A large part of many workers days involves responding to and sending emails.

Unlike face-to-face communication or a phone call, sending an email does not guarantee a response. The lack of real-time response means the recipient can ignore or delete your email without having to even open the email.

Although low response rates can be frustrating, they can be useful when used as a tool to assess how effective your email marketing strategy is.

Here are five ways to improve your email response rates:

Create an appealing subject line
Short and interesting subject lines are crucial to ensuring recipients open your email. Use a subject line that summarises your email and avoid using full sentences.

Develop a personal connection
Personalise your emails by including the recipient’s name in the email body. Establish a connection to the recipient if you have not dealt with them previously, for example, you may refer to something that directly relates to them or their interests.

Get straight to the point
Succinct emails attract the recipient’s attention and ensure they continue reading your email. The opening lines in your email should address why you are contacting the recipient and detail your request. Keeping your email as short as possible helps to improve response times as the recipient doesn’t need to reply with a lengthy email.

Include a call-to-action
Ending the last line of your email with a specific call-to-action helps to prompt an immediate response from the recipient. The call-to-action tells the recipient what response you are looking for, i.e., a click through to your website, to book an appointment or to call/email you etc.

Double-check the details
Before clicking send, be sure to double-check your email reads clearly and succinctly. Check for any spelling or grammar mistakes; typos not only look unprofessional but careless.

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