Instagram tips to boost your firm

Instagram tips to boost your firm
Instagram tips to boost your firm

Instagram is a platform that your firm could be using to engage existing clients and reach new clients.

There are specific strategies your firm can adopt to engage with your clients that use Instagram and to strengthen that existing relationship. Consider the following:

Hiding your hashtags

Using hashtags allows your posts to reach a greater audience, but lots of hashtags can look messy. To hide your hashtags from view, use one comment to caption your post and use a secondary comment for hashtags. The secondary comment will not be visible unless viewers expand the comments.

Taking your followers behind the scenes

Instagram is a perfect way to show your clients you are more than just a firm, you don’t have to be strictly business. It gives you an opportunity to reach out and be personable and can strengthen your relationship with your clients. Take advantage of this; upload a post of your receptionist who went well in a fun run on the weekend, or the cake the firm made for the boss’s birthday.

Involving your followers

To build relationships and a sense of community amongst your clients, regram their posts and build your online presence. If a client achieves some kind of milestone or something exciting happens in their life, share it on your firm’s page. Make sure you ask their permission first to use their content first though.

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