Selling fundamentals to consider

The purpose of the sales process is to communicate yourself and the benefits of your firm more effectively to a prospective client. But before looking at the actual sales process, it may be helpful to examine some of the basic fundamentals needed for a successful sales strategy.

Trusting yourself
Trusting yourself is the foundation of successful sales. Accountants must learn to trust their own unique abilities, both as an accountant and as a salesperson.

Trusting the prospect
By demonstrating trust in the prospect at the outset of a meeting, accountants will convey their willingness and wish to work with them, and the person in return is more likely to make a purchase.

Making the prospective client feel special
The prospective client needs to know that you value their business. Demonstrate this by showing an interest, and going out of your way to give him what he wants.

Knowing all your firm’s services
You must be able to present your services, the features of the services, and the benefits of each feature at a moment’s notice.

Put your prospect at ease by listening carefully to what it is they want. People like to talk and they like to be heard so for as long as you are listening attentively they will be relaxed and growing in confidence with you.

Addressing the prospect’s expectations
Through sensitive questioning you can usually get the prospect to reveal his expectations or at least hint at the extent to which they are currently being fulfilled. It is usually much simpler to address a client’s expectations than to focus on changing them

Avoiding accounting jargon
A prospect is unlikely to understand it, and will not be impressed. Your time with the client is limited, and technical terms will only bore or annoy him.

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