Stand out in the crowd

Today’s accounting firms face a substantial multitude of information on how to establish and improve their current marketing programs. But since a firm’s competitors have the same access to the wealth of marketing information, it can be difficult for a firm to establish how they will stand out from the crowd. Accountants are a pretty homogenous group, and the majority of them engage in little or no marketing endeavours. Therefore, engaging in some kind of marketing strategy is better than doing nothing at all.

There are a number of effective ways to market a firm’s professional services, from traditional marketing tools, such as sending out newsletters and direct mail, to the latest online marketing strategies, such as websites and social media.

However, these tools alone are unlikely to win a client. All they do is lead to a contact with the prospect. Only the firm professional can win the client. Below are some suggestions for firms to help ensure their marketing program gets the intended results.

Set objectives
An effective and efficient marketing program is founded on clear objectives. Determine what you want to accomplish, make sure your goals are realistic, and then develop a game plan.

Focus on one service area
Focus your marketing program on one service area at a time and concentrate your efforts solely on that.

Target a mailing program
Build up a mailing list of prospects for sales. Try beginning with a program of periodic mailings of articles and other information of interest to this market segment. This kind of program allows firms to demonstrate their expertise and build brand recognition.

Keep it simple
Don’t make your marketing plans too complicated. It is easy to get caught up in the need to gather large amounts of data to ensure your plan covers every possible scenario. But it is more important that your plan is easy to understand and sets out simple steps for achieving your goals. A simple marketing plan may be missing some things but once it is up and running, it is always better than a highly detailed military-type plan that never leaves your computer’s hard drive.

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