The assertive accountant

There are accountants driven to secure good business and careful to keep it from slipping out the back door. There are accountants who are good technical people but who are tentative in marketing situations. And there are accountants who pay lip service to marketing, but who lack the time or inclination to become good marketers.

These days, it tends to be those who are assertive in securing business who receive the openings. Assertive firms and assertive partners are successful because people admire firms that openly cultivate new business. Clients assume they will receive better service from them, and be treated better than they would by firms who stand aloof. Not surprisingly, assertive firms usually have enough capacity to accept new clients and perform well for them.

Assertive firms also have excellent follow-up, pay attention to detail and ask for business. This sounds simple, but it is the key. Many accountants expect to receive business from a prospective client, but will not ask for it.

Assertive firms market additional services to their current clients. When clients make greater use of a firm they become more loyal because the relationship feels more substantial. The insurance and banking industries have recognised this for years, which is why they want you to cross sell their services.

Finally, assertive firms are more accessible to clients and always tell clients how much they appreciate their business.This makes for a strong bond of loyalty and appreciation and tends to be a much more proactive form of contact with clients.

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