Why you should be using visual content


If your firm does not already use visual content as a marketing strategy, it really ought to. Through various social media platforms, users and potential clients are subject to post after post in their newsfeeds, and consequently, our attention span is lessening.

The content your firm shares needs to be eye-grabbing, engaging and it needs to demand attention from clients. You simply cannot achieve this in the current marketplace unless you adopt the use of visual content such as infographics, photographs, videos, data visualisations and so on.

There are many instances when you will need to share content with your clients that will be in the form of written content or an article; this is sometimes unavoidable. What you can do however is team it with a great photograph. If you are presenting data to your clients, think outside the box and present this data not in traditional and hard-to-digest number form but perhaps with an animation or an interactive infographic. The more interesting you make your message, the more likely it is that your clients are going to retain the information they are receiving.

The approach to using visual content should be as is with all content you share: quality over quantity. To allow your content to resonate with your clients, ensure it is designed well and is original. You should include your firm’s logo on this content, which means making sure the content belongs to your firm and has not been taken from stock sites.

Lastly, make sure your visual content is shareable. When you publish top-quality visual content, your clients may want to share it so ensure they have the option to.

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