Writing a blog post that draws your clients in

Writing a blog post that draws your clients in
Writing a blog post that draws your clients in

Regular blogging is a tool firms can use to provide their clients with interesting new content.

Blogging, however, can be hit or miss; you need to consider the following to ensure you are creating strong, innovative blog posts.

Think about the heading

The headline is what draws in a greater audience. You spend time and take care writing your blog post and then think of a quick heading in order to get in posted. This is costing you views and potential clients. Take your time, brainstorm with your colleagues to establish a catchy, original, inviting heading.

Know your audience

What kind of content is going to be attractive to your clients? This is extremely important to consider when brainstorming what content to write about. Is there compliant information they need to know? Can you create a poll on Facebook giving them a couple of options as to what the next blog content could be and they can vote?


Encourage clients to visit and revisit your blog by making it interactive and consumable. A blog is not a report, it should be easy to read. A great way to do this is to make it interactive. Consider if there is a more efficient way of presenting long chunks of content, such as using infographics, or a video.

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